How do I know I need a roof repair?

When to call for roof repairs?
Every roof repair can be easy with the right company

If you’re a resident of Tempe, AZ, then you know how many structural things can go wrong around your home. From a broken door lock to a cracked window, we can call a handy man. Things get a bit complicated when we talk about roof repairs in Tempe, AZ. The question is: can I fix my own broken roof, or do I have to call for professional help? You’ll be amazed how many small things can be fixed by using a bit of ingenuity and some household materials. I will explain to you when you should book for roof repairs Tempe, AZ and when you can just rely on your handyman skills.


Shingle switch. You will have noticed that, over the years, your wooden-shingles split or break apart. When you have damaged shingles it is recommended that they are replaced immediately in order to avoid water infiltration. There is no point in calling aroofing company just for one or two broken shingles, so you can try to replace them yourself.

A roofer repairs roofFirst, you need a chisel and a hammer to split the shingles into small little pieces so you’ll be able to pull them out easily using pliers. Next, cut the nails that were holding your shingle using a hacksaw blade. Take a utility knife and trim a new shingle to match the width of the empty space. Slide it into position leaving 1 inch outside of the shingles line. Drive in two galvanized nails at the end of the shingle above, and with a wooden block and a hammer, fix into the right position. You’ll notice that the nails heads will go under the shingle above, protecting them from corrosion and giving an aesthetic look to the final project.

Chimney seep. Due to water infiltration and climate change, the paint on your chimney keeps peeling. The best way to fix this, once and for all, is by purchasing and installing a rain cap. You can find them at any building-supply outlet. A good, reliable rain cap is usually made out of copper. One thing you have to be very careful about is installation. Even though it’s not a complicated process, it requires safety equipment I would recommend using a company specialized in roofing Tempe AZ. They know what they’re doing, and the services are above reproach, plus you don’t have to risk your life for it. Roman Roofing Inc is the best in the business in the Tempe AZ area.

Roofer works with protective layer foilShingles bar. After a big storm, you should inspect your roof for any damaged shingles. Replace the broken ones using the instructions above but don’t forget to protect the roof from further damage. Gather a piece of aluminum flashing and a tube of roofing cement (both available at your local hardware store). Cut the flashing about 1 inch narrower than the ripped tab, and about 4 inches longer, so that it extends under the tabs on either side. Next, apply two or three thick beads of roofing cement to the surface beneath the shingle. Slip the flashing underneath and apply more roofing cement on top of the flashing. Press the tab down to adhere the flashing to the roof.

Choose to use a roofing repair Tempe AZ company when:

there are multiple leaks;
the repair you made is not holding;
you have a ceramic roof. They require more attention and it is better to go with a pro. In the Tempe, AZ area, Roman Roofing Inc can do an amazingly good job for the lowest price on the market. If you have roof leaks or damaged shingles, call (602) 628-8905 for a free cost estimate of the project.
the leak is across walls, and it makes it difficult to locate the source.

Use these tips and you can make big savings on your roofing. When the job seems too complicated for you to handle, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. Let Roman Roofing Inc in Tempe, AZ provide you with the roofing care or service you need. Call now at (602) 628-8905 and we will assist you immediately.